44 ton knuckleboom load chart
44 ton knuckleboom lift chart
44 ton knuckleboom
44 ton knuckleboom crane

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44 Ton Knuckle Boom Articulating Crane Information and Lift Charts.
We offer a complete line of 44 ton knuckle boom cranes for any job or application. This information on 44 ton knuckleboom cranes is brought to you by: Robert's Diesel Works Inc. The Worlds leading knuckleboom crane supplier. When you need a knuckleboom crane, new or used, the choice is simple. We can supply any type of knuckle boom crane for any industry.
Our knuckleboom cranes are comparable to: Maxilift cranes, BigMax cranes, Sampson cranes, Auto Crane, Ferrari cranes, Effer cranes, Lanedo cranes, Venturo cranes, Western, Mule cranes, Jomac cranes, Fassi cranes, National cranes, Genie cranes, North American cranes, Terex cranes, Venco cranes, IMT cranes, Hiab cranes, Heila cranes, Prentice cranes, Cormach cranes, PM cranes, Jabco cranes, Palfinger cranes, Titan cranes and many other knuckle boom cranes. We ship World wide.
KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Models.

KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44024 S Max Lift 6610 Max Reach 39'6
KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44025 S Max Lift 6080 Max Reach 47'3
KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44026 S Max Lift 3810 Max Reach 54'6
KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44028 S Max Lift 2250 Max Reach 69'11

KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44025 S + J903.20 Max Lift 1720 Max Reach 73'6
KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44025 S + J904.20 Max Lift 1470 Max Reach 79'3
KnuckleBoom 44 Ton Crane Model 44026 S + J703.20 Max Lift 1320 Max Reach 80'1

Our PM cranes are comarable to all fassi, cormach, hiab, alfinger, atlas, amco veba, heila, jabco or imt cranes.
PM Cranes
Robert's Diesel Works Inc.
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